Mintify x Webacy: Non-Custodial Security for Pro Trading

We’re excited to announce that Mintify is working with Webacy, a suite of non-custodial, no-access security services designed to enhance safety and asset management digital asset trading.

With Webacy, all Mintify users can now access a complimentary Multi-Chain Wallet Risk Assessment. Mintify's partnership with Webacy extends beyond providing our users with powerful and valuable tools for keeping their self-custody assets safe. Webacy's live contract auditing handles all filtering, flagging, and removal of malicious contracts from our Direct Mint feature before they ever reach our user's Terminal.

Your Wallet Risk Assessment will examine prior interactions and alert you of any transactions that may be malicious, fraudulent, financially lopsided, or more so you can take action now to prevent future loss.

Webacy's tools include:

  • Safety Score: Webacy's proprietary algorithm examines blockchain signals, data aggregators, and custom lists incorporating machine learning and AI for an evolving, real-time wallet risk analysis.

  • Wallet Watch: Get notified of inbound, outbound, or interactive activity happening in your wallet in real-time with SMS and email notifications.

  • Backup Wallet: If you ever lose access to your main wallet, recover your assets to your Backup Wallet through a smart contract protection plan.

  • Panic Button: Set up a one-click transfer of all your protected assets to your Backup Wallet in case of a wallet emergency, like seed phrase compromise or system compromise.

  • Crypto Will: Establish your on-chain crypto will to leave access to your assets for your beneficiaries.

  • Webacy Rescue: Consult a white-hat expert at Webacy to develop a custom script fitting your needs using Flashbots and other front-running techniques to salvage locked assets.

Security is of utmost priority in Web3, where users often manage their assets via self-custody solutions. While self-custody helps avoid centralization concerns, it introduces new avenues for hackers to access your assets, like social engineering and system compromise.



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