Mintify 2023: New Year - New Trading Experience

A lot has changed since we introduced our MVP earlier this year. As we move into the second market cycle for NFTs, many are starting to listen and take our asset class seriously. At Mintify, we are laser focused on building the best trading experiences and infrastructure to support economic growth of digital assets and the attention economy. 

Earlier in the year we opened our platform to our pass holders and raised $1.6M to build better tools to discover, analyze, and trade NFTs. Since then, a vibrant community supported our growth and development as we pushed features on a daily basis, connected with great projects, and built an ecosystem of partners. As we move into 2023, our primary focus is the development and launch of a revolutionary trading experience, based on Nuxt, that merges multiple asset classes, 3rd party data sources and customizable trading dashboards. We are incredibly excited about what we have in store for the next few months.

A New Transparent Web3 Infrastructure

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of NFT trading is data accuracy. Most platforms and individuals have been analyzing data points using their own methodology, sources, and tools, which often results in discrepancies. Data accuracy can impact trading decisions and lead to costly mistakes. 

Mintify’s upcoming release completely redesigned our architecture and is built for scale, speed, and accuracy. We’re deploying dozens of tools for both the novice trader and power user to interact with a fast paced, scattered, and hectic trading environment. 

Our infrastructure is the backbone of our upcoming trading terminal and was built to support all the upcoming NFT economies that we’ll see in the coming months and years. From music to gaming collectables and everything in between.

A Modular and Adaptable Trading Terminal

Trading a creative economy requires an expressive, dynamic interface. New and seasoned traders will have the ability to build and run truly personalized, customizable trading experiences on Mintify. 

In the future, virtual real estate traders will be able to deploy interactive modules to browse virtual land to better understand block economies without switching between multiple UIs. Moonbird collectors will be able to check the staking status and rank of their NFTs directly within the trading UI. Sound whales will be able to see the intricate connections between the stems they own and the songs they are powering. 

Our vision is to have hundreds of modules to choose from, while offering users the option to build unique private or public modules that you can share with your community. Customization and modularity will become an inherent part of the platform.

Mintify's Modular UI
Mintify's Modular UI

Powerful Tools For NFT traders

Mintify is built to scale at the speed of NFT markets. We are extending the functionality of our architecture to support other builders, traders, and ecosystems. Some exciting features we have lined up for the new year include: 

Mintify SDK

Build and integrate your dApp using our SDK. (Subscribe to get notified)


Token-gated leaderboards for community challenges.

Smart Wallet Tracker 

A complete wallet explorer dashboard using machine learning with automatic asset categorization. 


An easy to use API for builders, and quants offering real-time, and full historical data.


Create and build blazing fast interfaces to track marketplaces, chains, and asset classes with real-time and historical data. 

As we roll out the next iteration of Mintify in Q1, we are eager to see how our focus on speed, data and modularity provides the NFT community a set of tools and insights to explore the attention economy.  

We are all adventurers in this uncharted territory, let’s map it together 💪

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