Mintify Integrates with Bubbles To Bring You Real Time Social Insights and Community Updates

Mintify 🤝 Bubbles 

Today, we are excited to announce our integration with Bubbles to offer real-time, social and historical collection announcements and updates through our new trading terminal

Meet Bubbles

With Bubbles you can reach your members wherever they are. Their API allows you to publish updates and announcements on various apps integrated with Bubbles. They also offer direct Discord and soon Twitter updates for all major NFT collections. 

Bubbles Module
Bubbles Module

Collection Info Module

With our revamped collection info module you can now switch between updates and announcements within our trading terminal to see the latest news for the collection that you are trading. 

Floor Price + News Correlation

With our upcoming integration traders will have the option to hover under our floor chart module and see a new tooltip that shows you major announcements and updates for each collection you are trading with 100% timestamp accuracy. Wondering why a collection pumped or dumped? With this integration we are adding more depth to technical analysis and make it easy for traders to analyze price swings.

In-app Notifications

By next quarter we’ll be also adding in-app real-time browser notifications for all the collections you hold under your wallet, or added to your watchlist so as you are trading through our terminal you’ll be able to receive critical updates.

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A little more about us: 

Mintify is designed and built for users to make informed trading decisions. The platform caters to a new type of NFT trader looking for better tooling to discover, trade, and manage their NFT portfolios. We are pushing the boundaries of trading interfaces by offering unique functionality like TradingView indicators for NFT Collections, real-time NFT data and super fast pro dashboards to make quick trading decisions. 

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