SZN3, The Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know

With all new dashboards, faster trading and functionality, and the impending release of our SDK, the Mintify Ecosystem is growing faster than ever.

Mintify’s ecosystem of users, builders, and partners is on the rise with the release of critical features the last few months. With our latest releases, power users can trade between an ever fragmenting pool of NFT liquidity on ETH, while leveraging power features for market analysis, discovery, and FAST trading.

Introducing The Mintify Marketplace

Mintify awards XP for buying, bidding, listing, and accepting offers through The Marketplace and will soon support 721C contracts and incentivize royalties through the XP system.

How to Earn XP

Fragmented liquidity is at the root of Web3, where single-platform incentives further segment capital across platforms and protocols. Mintify intends to unify the liquidity landscape.

  • Buying Mintify Listings: Buy Mintify listings on the Mintify Marketplace while holding Genesis Key/s to earn XP at the maximum Base Rate (25% for non-holders).

  • Buying Aggregated Listings: Buy Aggregated listings through the Mintify trading terminal while holding Genesis Key/s to earn XP at the maximum Aggregated Rate (25% for non-holders). Mintify listings earn 2x more XP than Aggregated listings.

  • Collection Offers on Mintify: Place collection offers on curated collections on the Mintify Marketplace to earn XP over time while your bids are active or the full order XP whenever they are filled. You earn XP for every active bid across all collections; more active bids means more XP over time, and bidding closer to the floor earns XP at a higher rate.

  • Listing on Mintify: List curated collections on the Mintify Marketplace to earn XP over time while your listings are active or the full order XP whenever they are filled. You earn XP for every active listing across all collections; more active listings means more XP over-time, and listing closer to the floor earns XP at a higher rate.

  • Accepting Offers on Mintify: Accepting an offer earns XP instantly.

  • Direct Minting XP: Earn XP instantly for every token that you mint. Free mints earn the minimum minting XP Rate, and paid mints earn the maximum minting XP Rate (25% for non-holders).

  • Holder vs Non-Holder XP: Genesis Key holders always earn the maximum base XP rate per action. Non-holders earn at 25% of the rate of Genesis Key holders.


  1. Both sides of Mintify Marketplace trades earn XP.

  2. All XP scales by the number of Genesis Keys held.

  3. Use Mintify naturally, as you normally would, and earn.

XP-Bearing Actions:

  1. Mintify Marketplace orders earn more XP than Aggregated orders.

  2. Listings and Bids on the Mintify Marketplace earn XP hourly, distributed daily, or upon fulfillment (i.e., bid accepted, listing sold).

  3. Accepting Offers on the Mintify Marketplace earns XP instantly (like Direct Buys).

  4. Direct Minting (in-app Module) earns XP instantly for every token minted.

FUTR Multiplier

FUTR launched in December of 2022 as a free mint for the community to represent the Mintify brand. Initially, FUTR granted access to our token-gated discord and boosted user Allow List raffle entries (raffles like Ubisoft's Champions Tactics, Playember, and Harto on BTC).

Starting today, FUTR joins the XP System, acting as a multiplier to all XP accumulated on the platform. Later this year, FUTR will receive a notable art upgrade and further its XP integration via a referral system.

FUTR Tier Multipliers:

  • Tier 1 / 1 FUTR: 1.1x XP (10%)

  • Tier 2 / 10 FUTR: 1.15x XP (15%)

  • Tier 3 / 30+ FUTR: 1.25x XP (25%)

No Genesis Keys? No Problem.

You'll earn Wallet-Bound, non-transferable All-Time XP at a reduced rate, and you can't open Loot Boxes.

  • Genesis Key Holders earn XP at a rate of 4x that of Non-Holders.

  • Key Holders earn Genesis Key-Bound Season and All-Time XP. XP accumulates within the metadata of Genesis Keys and is included when transferring a Key from one wallet to another or selling on secondary marketplaces.

Replaced Raffles with LootBoxes

We're excited to introduce a new, gamified rewards system where everyone is a winner. Just use Mintify and earn Season XP (Trade and Mint), exchange it for Loot Boxes, and win something every time. (Coming later in February)

  • Mintify rewarded users over $40k in SZN1 and SZN2 rewards – and SZN3 is bigger. You'll find All-Time XP (directly related to $ME), high-value NFTs, crypto, and more.

  • There is no limit to how many Loot Boxes you can open; only how much XP you can accumulate.

  • No purchase necessary; learn more here []

For Collectors Too:

Not everyone trades; that's why Genesis Keys accumulate XP passively daily, with rates dependent on the Key Tier. Participate in Mintify's growing rewards system by holding onto NFTs you love (coming soon).

  1. Genesis Keys (standard) accumulate 10 XP per key per day.

  2. Lite Keys (tier trait) accumulate 20 XP per Key per day.

  3. Lifetime Keys (tier trait) accumulate 40 XP per Key per day.

Also, soon you’ll be able to check your $ME eligibility based on historical wallet activity.

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