Mintify’s NFT Terminal For Pro Traders Is Live On Polygon!

We are excited to announce that Mintify’s NFT Terminal For Pro Traders now powers Polygon’s NFT Ecosystem @

Mintify is one of the first Pro trading platforms to support Polygon, offering a set of fast, powerful, modular features to trade and manage NFTs. Now gaming, music, PFP, and metaverse economies on Polygon can take advantage of Mintify’s customizable interfaces, builder SDK and API.

Mintify's Gallery View
Mintify's Gallery View

At Mintify, we believe that NFTs are becoming more accepted and more sophisticated, attracting serious users that want to develop more comprehensive strategies around NFTs. Current solutions available in the form of aggregators, marketplaces, and NFT analytics tools are lacking significantly when it comes to offering a dynamic experience to interact with NFT ecosystems.

With Mintify on Polygon, users can survey thousands of economies from a single user interface. They’ll be able to trade, analyze and discover the many different NFT ecosystems built on Polygon.

Mintify's Modules
Mintify's Modules

What’s Available To Polygon NFT Traders Now that Mintify Is Live?

With the Polygon NFT Ecosystem Dashboard launching today,  users can:

  • Discover thousands of NFT economies on Polygon.

  • Research and understand collections, NFT verticals, or entire industries.

  • Manage and trade a portfolio of NFTs from a single, dynamic, customizable interface.

  • Leverage powerful, fast tools such as floor sweeping, wallet analytics, and collection monitoring for any project on Polygon

  • Explore, design and share modular trading set-ups to trade specific collections or NFT economies

Mintify's Polygon Fullscreen Preset
Mintify's Polygon Fullscreen Preset

Looking Ahead

This is only the beginning of Pro trading on Polygon. We plan to continue to grow and support our feature set for the Polygon community over the coming months. If you are actively building on Polygon and identify as one of the following, feel free to reach out!

PFP Collections: There are many ways we can collaborate together and provide utility to your community.

NFT dApps: If you are a gaming company, music startup, or use case that leverages NFTs we would love to connect!

NFT Focused Funds: If you are starting to build out NFT focused trading strategies and are looking for a powerful tooling and data partner, let us know 👀

Polygon NFT Users: If you have any thoughts on the platform, want to join a vibrant community of NFT traders, or just want to say hi we would love to hear from you! 🎉

A little more about us:

Mintify is a modular trading terminal for NFTs. We've created blazing fast and scalable tooling that can easily integrate with public marketplaces, private marketplaces, NFT ecosystems and protocols.

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