Mintify Pro Terminal Beta

We are excited to announce the beta release of our new and improved trading terminal!

Our new trading terminal offers an entirely new NFT trading experience, providing the building blocks for a powerful, fast, modular framework we expect to fully release in February and our beta as soon as 01/30. The Mintify Pro Terminal V1 Beta lets anyone customize dozens of different modules, resize, and rearrange them anyway you want.

This release introduces a BIG dose of new functionality and components which we lay out below:

Mintify Terminal
Mintify Terminal

Modular Dash (Resizable, Adjustable)

An important goal of Mintify’s is to build tooling and functionality that supports the growth of an organic NFT pro trading ecosystem. We want to build services that enable others to build and grow with us. The Modular Dash is our first new release that offers this to our community.

With Modular Dash, users can build their own unique dashboards that fit with how they like to trade, what they like to trade, and what data is most important for the NFT Economies they are following. Users will be able to select from dozens, and soon hundreds, of modules.

Mintify ENS Preset
Mintify ENS Preset

SDK (Build Branded Modules)

This release introduces the Mintify SDK, a framework that allows anyone to build their own custom or branded modules for Modular Dash users. Independent traders and third parties will be able to submit modules to Mintify which can be used privately or shared with the Mintify community. These modules can be designed using javascript as well as additional frameworks in the near future. Once submitted and approved, they can be used by anyone in the community.

Mintify SDK
Mintify SDK

Presets for custom asset classes (Artblocks, ENS, RTFKT)

Traders will soon get access to custom presets that offer a tailored set of modules designed for specific NFT Economies. The first presets launching with the beta will include ENS domains, RTFKT collections, and ARTBlocks. As we grow, we anticipate that communities will create and submit their own Presets.

Shared Presets (Public, Private)

With Shared Presets, anyone can build a custom dashboard, save it to their profile, and share it with their own community. This community can be Mintify members, their own community, or followers from a social platform. Collections can also take advantage of Shared Presets by building, token gating, and sharing their own custom dashboards created just for their NFT holders that may include custom modules such as their staking status or even bringing support of their dApp through their API.

Fast Performance, New Infrastructure

Our new terminal is fast, very fast. Built on Nuxt, our real-time data collected from marketplaces, collections, and on-chain NFT transactions can power features like Instant Floor Price Updates, Collection Reveals, and third party API ingestion.

With our Pro Terminal V1 Beta, we’re kicking off a bedrock component of our Pro Trading NFT Ecosystem.

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please feel free to stop by our Discord and connect with us!

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