Introducing Mintify 2.0

Mintify 2.0 is the culmination of our community's and advisors' input. 6 months after the release of our modular trading experience, we are excited to announce this UX and functionality overhaul.

Improved Navigation: Seamlessly navigate Mintify's fleet of products faster and more conveniently than ever using the new sidebar site menu:

  • Market Overview

  • Trading Terminal

  • Full Top Trending

  • Direct Minting

  • Portfolio Management

Modules We're constantly optimizing and expanding our available modules to streamline and improve your trading experience. Soon, build your own modules with Mintify data using our SDK, opening up an entirely new realm of possibilities for NFT trading and analytics.

New Colors Mintify 2.0 introduces new color schemes to the Terminal and trending page for the best experience day and night.

Improved Trending Page With Mintify v2 and Leaderboard SZN3, you can save your favorite collections to your favorites and trade XP-curated collections (beginning Feb. 02, 2024) to earn the most XP possible.

Mobile-First Mintify v2 is fully optimized for mobile devices to allow traders to stay connected and trade efficiently on the go, whether on a 6.1-inch display or an ultra-wide monitor.

Full and In-App Notifications Stay informed on market movement and breaking developments with Mintify's comprehensive notifications and in-app alerts for collection and wallet activity. (Coming Soon)

Track wallets Effortlessly track any wallet and take complete control over your holdings with global action visibility and deep wallet insights. (Coming Soon)

Drag and Drop Modules Drag-and-drop Terminal modules to personalize your trading experience precisely as you like it. Click on any module name to open the module selection popup. (Coming Soon)

More Trade-Fi Modules We know that familiarity is essential, so we're introducing modules inspired by classic Trade-Fi and crypto exchange elements.

Share Custom Layouts Save custom layouts to your browser, and share your layouts with friends. Social trading and content creation just got a lot more convenient and fun. (Coming Soon)

Hexens Audit Security is our utmost priority at Mintify, and creating a safe environment for our users has been completed through a rigorous audit conducted by the team at Hexens. More details on the audit can be found here:

We're committed to creating the best trading experience in the space for you. We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions and further iterating on the future of finance.

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