Mintify's Fast, Reliable, Comprehensive NFT Data API Is Live!

Frenz, we have good news! Developers and NFT pros can now build and trade with the Mintify API starting today. 

The Mintify API provides access to a wide range of data and insights for NFT-based economies, making it a valuable piece of NFT infrastructure for anyone looking to build their own products and services or trade NFT collections with a custom set up. 

Capturing data from marketplaces and aggregators can be challenging. With the Mintify API, users can rely on a single endpoint for both on-chain and off-chain data. Whether you want to pull all historical data points of a collection or an entire asset class, Mintify's API allows users to access real-time data on every NFT collection on Ethereum, including market trends, pricing information, ownership data, and a wide range of historical trading information for collections and marketplaces. With our enterprise-grade infrastructure and 99.9% uptime, our API is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants access to fast, reliable, and comprehensive data.

What’s more, traders, funds and institutional clients can now ingest the Mintify API directly into their own trading setups, where our NFT data can interact with custom trading algos and interfaces directly. 

As economies move on-chain, it is incredibly important that historical and real-time NFT collection and marketplace data is easy to access for end users, whether that be traders, builders, or protocols. With the Mintify API, our goal is to provide an easy to use, robust service to capture, understand, and take action in these new NFT based economies. 

You can sign up for access to the Mintify API here

A little more about us: 

Mintify is designed and built for users to make informed trading decisions. The platform caters to a new type of trader looking for better tooling to discover, trade, and manage their NFT portfolios.

NFT traders need powerful tools to deploy complex trading strategies, yet the platforms available today are not designed for the development of future markets. Mintify believes the time is ripe to bring together the best of crypto trading mechanics, user experience design, and reliable data to offer a pro workflow for the next generation of NFT traders. We are pushing the boundaries of trading interfaces by offering unique functionality like TradingView charts for NFT Collections, real-time NFT data and super fast pro dashboards to make quick trading decisions. 

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